Below are a number of examples of projects I have completed over the past several years, from the ground up recording, through to the final mix and master. Mostly tracked at Blue Door Recording in Regina, SK, and finished here at Divergent Sounds. Every band has a different sound and a vision of their own and I truly enjoy the process of working toward these end results with diverse musical surroundings I find myself in.



Hard Rock / Rock

Acoustic / Folk / World

Punk / Hardcore

Indie Rock / Pop Rock

Industrial / EDM

Noteworthy accolades for several projects above:

  • Andino Suns won the “World Music Artist of the Year” award at the Western Canadian Music Awards, for 2017, with their third album “Madera”.
  • Altars of Grief’s latest album “Iris” received critical acclaim worldwide, stunning fans of the Doom genre, most notably one of the worlds largest heavy metal websites “Metal Injection” giving it a 9.5/10, touting it as “a near-classic landmark release” and “an unconditional must-listen.”
  • In 2017, Desert Island Classic broke the record for most plays on 104.9 The Wolf, Regina radio station, smashing past while in heavy rotation.
  • Del Suelo’s second record, The Musician’s Compass: A 12 Step Programme, sees the band on tour in Canada, preceded by a European run.
  • Into Eternity’s new album will finally be seeing the light of day October 26, 2018 through Salem Rose Music & M-Theory Audio!