March 2024 Update: I have spent the last two years working a full time job as a Unity Game Developer at Melcher Studios in Regina, SK. It is an absolute blast! The only downside I have much less time for music – however, I still get in a project or two here and there.


From 2006 to 2021, I had been making a full time living as a musician, be it guitarist, live sound engineer, studio engineer (editing, mixing, mastering) or producer.

From 2006 to 2013 I played guitar for the band Into Eternity, which was a life changing, and amazing opportunity for me as a young musician. I was able to see much of the world, and for a few years, spend most of my time on the road. Most notably, we toured the U.S. with Dream Theater in 2007, Symphony X in 2008 – Japan with At the Gates in 2008, and Japan again with Destruction in 2009. The experience also led me to my first full time studio gig at Touchwood Studios in Regina (former stomping grounds of Kevin Churko (Ozzy, Disturbed) and Cory Churko (Shania Twain, Kelly Clarkson) which I held until the end of 2011, when I went back to being fully independent.

Over the last few years my main focus as a guitar player has been with Third Ion, which you can find on this site, as well as gigging with Untimely Demise and even a short reunion with my first real band Cessate. I am fortunate enough to work with several musicians across Canada who really keep me in shape, and keep me continually learning – may that journey of musical knowledge never cease!

Over the 20 years since I first picked up an instrument, I have worked with thousands of musicians live, hundreds in the studio, and I envision that only growing over the next 20 and beyond.